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Tagger::TaggerClass Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TaggerClassclone () const
int CreateKnown ()
void CreateSettingsFile ()
int CreateUnknown ()
bool InitBeaming (unsigned int)
bool InitLearning ()
bool InitTagging ()
bool isClone () const
void parse_create_args (Timbl::TimblOpts &Opts)
void parse_run_args (Timbl::TimblOpts &Opts)
int ProcessLines (std::istream &, std::ostream &)
void read_lexicon (const std::string &)
void read_listfile (const std::string &, StringHash *)
int Run ()
bool set_default_filenames ()
bool setLog (LogStream &)
void ShowCats (std::ostream &os, std::vector< int > &Pat, int slots)
std::string Tag (const std::string &)
 TaggerClass (const TaggerClass &)
int TagLine (const std::string &, std::string &)

Static Public Member Functions

static int CreateTagger (Timbl::TimblOpts &)
static TaggerClassStartTagger (Timbl::TimblOpts &, LogStream *=0)

Private Member Functions

const Timbl::TargetValue * Classify (MatchAction, const std::string &, const Timbl::ValueDistribution *distribution, double &)
void create_lexicons (const std::string &filename)
std::string get_result ()
void InitTest (MatchAction)
int makedataset (std::istream &infile, bool do_known)
bool NextBest (int, int)
std::string pat_to_string (MatchAction, int)
int ProcessFile (std::istream &, std::ostream &)
void ProcessTags (TagInfo *)
bool readsettings (std::string &fname)
void statistics (int &no_known, int &no_unknown, int &no_correct_known, int &no_correct_unknown)
std::string Tag ()

Private Attributes

int Beam_Size
bool cloned
LogStream * cur_log
std::vector< double > distance_array
bool distance_flag
bool distrib_flag
std::vector< std::string > distribution_array
bool DoNpax
bool DoSort
bool DoTop
bool dumpflag
std::string EosMark
int FilterTreshold
bool initialized
input_kind_type input_kind
std::string K_option_name
bool KeepIntermediateFiles
bool klistflag
bool knownoutfileflag
std::string knownstr
bool knowntemplateflag
Timbl::TimblAPI * KnownTree
bool knowntreeflag
std::string KnownTreeName
PatTemplate Ktemplate
std::string KtmplStr
std::string kwf
StringHash * kwordlist
std::string l_option_name
std::string L_option_name
std::string LexFileName
bool lexflag
Lexicon * MT_lexicon
std::string MTLexFileName
sentence mySentence
int Npax
std::string NpaxFileName
int nwords
std::string OutputFileName
bool piped_input
std::string r_option_name
bool reverseflag
std::string SettingsFileName
std::string SettingsFilePath
std::string TestFileName
std::vector< int > TestPat
StringHash TheLex
std::string Timbl_Options
std::string TimblOptStr
std::string TopNFileName
int TopNumber
std::string U_option_name
bool unknownoutfileflag
std::string unknownstr
bool unknowntemplateflag
Timbl::TimblAPI * unKnownTree
bool unknowntreeflag
std::string UnknownTreeName
PatTemplate Utemplate
std::string UtmplStr
std::string uwf
StringHash * uwordlist

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file Tagger.h.

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